Professor Dr. Altay Sencer

Brain Surgery


Professional physician, neurosurgeon, faculty member

Title Prof. Dr.

Location I.Finish. Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of brain and Neurosurgery

Education Istanbul Sankt Georg Austrian High School 1979-1987

I.Finish. Istanbul Medical Faculty 1987-1993

I.Finish. Istanbul Faculty Of Medicine, Neurosurgery A.D. 1993-1999 (specialized training)

Study abroad University of Washington, Dept. September-December ‘98, of Neurosurgery, Seattle, USA)

Career I.Finish. Istanbul Faculty Of Medicine Neurosurgery A.D.

Specialist 2000-2009

Associate professor 2009-2015

Professor 2015-present

Association Membership Turkish Neurosurgical Society, Society Of Nervous System Surgery,

Ismiss, Epimer, CNS

Foreign Language: English, German