Tube Stomach / General Features
A tube stomach operation is only a restrictive operation, there is no reduction in calorie absorption.
Obesity is a method of operation that has increased rapidly in recent years due to the spread of operations and the relatively easy use of this technique.
Tube stomach operation
In tube stomach surgery, about 80% of the stomach is divided and removed from the body with the help of stapler (stapler). Since the remaining stomach takes the form of a long tube, this operation is called the tube stomach in Turkish.
A person with a tube stomach operation may consume less food than normal, but since there is no reduction in the absorption of eaten foods, the calories of the food consumed are completely absorbed by the body.
Since most of the stomach is removed from the body during tube stomach operations, it is not possible to recycle this type of operation.
What Is Tube Stomach Surgery, How Is It Performed? you can get more detailed information from our article.

What Is Tube Stomach Surgery, How Is It Performed?
Tube stomach surgery is usually performed laparoscopically. So it is performed as closed. Five small explorers enter the abdominal cavity. Tube stomach surgery is just a restrictive operation. It has no effect of reducing absorption.

What is eaten and drank accumulates in the stomach, and after passing into the small intestine, the calories of these foods that we receive are completely absorbed by the body.
In tube stomach surgery, the part that makes up about eighty percent of the stomach is divided by stapler and removed from the body. This operation is called tube stomach or sleeve gastrectomy in English because the remaining part takes the shape of a tube.
One of the disadvantages of this operation is that the absorption remains the same, while the amount of food consumed with the reduced stomach as a result of tube stomach surgery decreases. Or, in other words, someone who eats small amounts of foods but high in calorie value gets all the calories they eat. This in turn raises the rate of weight gain back after tube stomach surgery. Another disadvantage is that eighty percent of the stomach removed from the body is destroyed. For this reason, the return of the stomach to its original will no longer be possible.