What Is Stomach Botox? How Is Stomach Botox Done?
Recently, a large number of advertising activities related to “stomach Botox” are being carried out, especially in Turkey.
So is Botox really as reliable, harmless and effective as it is said?
Before I start my article, if I need to make my opinion clear; I do not recommend and apply the method of stomach Botox.
What Is Stomach Botox?
Stomach Botox is the injection of Botox into different areas of the stomach wall by endoscopic method. In this way, it is aimed to delay the emptying of the stomach.
Stomach Botox
Is stomach Botox really beneficial? I tried to explain it in more detail in our article.
Why Don’t I Recommend Stomach Botox?
It is not a set of standards.
There is no approved standard method of administration for the use of Botox on the stomach. There are no guidelines that specify parameters such as the place of application, the amount and frequency of application on the stomach. This condition can cause Botox injections in a different area of the stomach and in different quantities in each patient.
In addition, scientific publications also show that Botox can lead to necrosis in the stomach. Stomach necrosis means “decay” of the stomach due to a decrease in blood circulation, that is, blood circulation, and can be fatal.
Scientific data has shown that this method is ineffective.
In scientific studies, it has been proven that injecting Botox endoscopically in the treatment of obesity is ineffective in the fight against obesity. In other words, stomach Botox is an ineffective method of permanently getting rid of obesity.
In addition to being ineffective in permanent weight loss, associated diseases associated with obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, liver lubrication, etc.) has no metabolic effect on it.
There is no FDA or EMA approval.
There is no FDA (American food and Drug Administration) and EMA (European Drug Agency) approval for the availability of Botox on the stomach. There is no approval or compliance by any international health authority, especially the FDA, regarding the availability of this substance, which can be used in various cosmetic and aesthetic areas, especially on the face and skin.
Excessive intake of Botox into the body can cause various damages.
There are no standards regarding the amount of BOTOX administered by endoscopic method.
If Botox is used in excess, it should be noted that it is a substance that can cause damage to many organs and systems of a person.
For example;
Heart rhythm disorders
Sudden death
Neurological effects
Respiratory suppression
Heart attack
Gastric necrosis
Diet is essential.
After administration of stomach Botox, the patient must still follow a diet program.
Botox application and a little weight loss after the hope of maintaining the weight is far from the truth approaches.
Even if there is a weight that is partially given by stomach Botox, it is inevitable that all and perhaps more of it will be quickly restored. These results are facts proven by scientific studies.
Despite all this, unfortunately, in the media and social media, various ads are presented as a completely harmless method.
It will not be long before this method, which is applied unconsciously without a positive effect approved by the health authorities, has gained popularity without any basis, will soon be included in the media with a negative example.