A stomach balloon is the process of placing a balloon in the patient’s stomach endoscopically by putting the patient to sleep with a light sedation without the need for general anesthesia. It is not a surgical procedure. After the placement of the stomach balloon, the inside is inflated with liquid. This is not a surgical procedure, so there is no incision.
The estimated duration of the application is 15-20 minutes, but the patient is kept under observation for several hours.
Stomach Balloon
Endoscopic method left in the stomach cavity and inflated balloon, Mass Effect by creating a feeling of satiety and aims to weaken people.
Just as the patient can give 15-20% of the initial weight with this method, in some cases, significant weight loss cannot be achieved.
The balloon should be removed from the stomach no later than 6-12 months later. If the patient does not follow the diet and exercise program when the balloon is removed, he quickly regains the weight he has given, and indeed, the stomach balloon method is mostly unable to create weight gain.
For this reason, it is more useful to use the stomach balloon as a preliminary preparation for surgery, especially in people who are very overweight (body mass index exceeds 55).
After accessing the targeted weight using the stomach balloon method in overweight patients, the procedures are continued using the bariatric surgery method, which is considered appropriate for the patient.
The gastric balloon method should not be considered as a stand-alone method.
In patients eligible for obesity surgery, it is close to impossible to achieve successful results in the long term only with the application of a stomach balloon.