In our psychiatric outpatient clinic, current, realistic solutions about the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems are produced on scientific/medical foundations.

Accurate identification of the problem is essential at the core of the medical approach. Realistic solutions can only be produced based on the correct definitions.

Because of the history of psychiatry and the characteristics that the development process also brings, it is especially important that the Diagnostic and treatment processes go through scientific medical processes.

Our outpatient services have inevitably adopted the principle of producing evidence-based solutions away from speculative methods in diagnosis and treatment applications.

Consultation Lyeson Psychiatry
Consultation Lyeson Psychiatry is the top discipline of Psychiatry that offers psychosocial support to people with any disease and those who undergo surgery with psychiatric medical services. It is based on the understanding that health is an inseparable whole with its physical and spiritual dimensions and affects each other.

Consultation Lyeson Psychiatry treats psychiatric disorders and psychological reactions caused by bodily diseases and dysfunctions based on the integrity of the body, brain and soul in our polychrome. However, solutions are produced for the treatment of physical diseases and dysfunctions of mental origin.

The aim of our polikilinik is to provide mental care services along with physical treatment to patients. Consultation Lyeson Psychiatry provides psychiatric, psychosocial medical services for patients with physical illness or complaints, hospitalized or outpatient.

The subsections of consultation Lyeson Psychiatry, the psychiatry of clinical medicine, can be defined as:

Psychiatry In Internal Medicine
Psychiatry In Cardiology
Psychiatry Of Surgical Interventions
Obstetric Psychiatry
Cancer (Oncology) Psychiatry
Neurology Psychiatry
Psychiatry Of Chronic Diseases
Psychiatry Of Physical Therapy
Psychiatry Of Endocrine Diseases
Gastroentology Psychiatry