Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation departments implement special treatment programs aimed at improving disability situations that arise from birth or for any reason in some part of life, significantly affect the quality of life or break a person from social life. Given today’s working conditions and lifestyle, almost every branch of modern medicine; in order for patients to regain their daily life activities, return to their professional lives and continue effectively in their social lives, the importance of the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, which manages treatment programs with patient-specific approaches, is growing. In the department, various treatment methods are shaped according to the requirements of modern medicine and advanced technologies are used significantly.

Herniated disc with low back pain, neck pain problems such as neck pain from IstHealth Health Group hospitals, physical therapy and physiotherapy in rehabilitation centers with a solution can be found.

IstHealth Hospital General Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center physical medicine and rehabilitation services as well as world standards in specific technologies at specific areas that can be considered a reference center in Turkey that are also used robotic rehabilitation facilities. Neurorehabilitation and robotic rehabilitation center provides the highest level of treatment in the form of a synthesis of classic approaches and new technological approaches in the rehabilitation of all neurological diseases.

At neurorehabilitation and robotics Rehabilitation Center;

Robotic walking training,

Robotic hand arm training,

Walking-balance-coordination training

Computerized balance and fall prevention studies

Hand rehabilitation program

Occupational therapy

Speech-swallowing therapy

Botox applications

Physical therapy rehabilitation practices such as non-surgical deep brain stimulation (TMS) are performed.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation