Pathology means” disease science”. It is a branch of science that provides the diagnosis of the underlying disease by studying and investigating structural and functional changes that occur in tissues, cells and organs.Pathology examines 4 main themes related to a disease, and for accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to know and evaluate all these stages.

Etiology = cause: the factor causing the disease
Pathogenesis= form of occurrence: the path that the factor follows when creating the disease
Morphology= appearance: structural changes caused by disease
Clinical: functional change caused by structural change in the patient
Pathology is an important branch of science that is also applied in the diagnosis of cancer and non-cancer diseases.

Pathology is often seen in society as equivalent to a ‘cancer diagnosis’. Pathology, especially in cancer, has an important place and is the ‘gold standard’ pathology for cancer diagnosis. Many information, such as whether the cancer exists, its type, classification, the necessary parameters for treatment and follow-up, treatment response, are determined by pathological examination. The most important step in the treatment of cancer is the accuracy of the pathological diagnosis.
Pathology is an important branch of science in the diagnosis of non-cancer diseases, as well as directing the cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, infectious diseases, rheumatological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (Ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, gastritis, etc.).

Reference Center in Turkey and the world

IstHealth Health Group, which is a pioneer in the health sector in Turkey and provides health services to patients from 192 countries of the world by signing many firsts in the international arena, has aimed to be a reference center in Turkey and around the world with ‘IstHealth pathology’, which it implemented in the second half of 2020.

Patient-specific multidisciplinary IstHealth Council determined treatments in cancer, an important role for the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases in the orientation in pathology; radiological and oncological surgery and complex surgery which is located under the same roof all the operations in the centre providing consultation services, serves as a bridge between clinical and laboratory.

Strong expert staff and advanced technology

Chapter; high-tech systems equipped with laboratories as well as academic and industry experts in the field of pathology and specialist staff; including all 11 hospitals in the IstHealth Health Group in 5 provinces to Turkey and the World Service.

Within the genetic laboratory is conducting a joint study with extensive IstHealth Health Group; for cancer patients, molecular pathological investigations, identification of targeted treatment options, cancer genetics, with an expert staff serves.


Material containing all kinds of tissues and cells extracted from the human body can and should be pathologically examined. Destruction of tissue after surgery without pathological examination is considered a major mistake, which is irreversible and makes it impossible for the patient to get a diagnosis years later.

As a basis in pathology;

– Histopathology (examination of tissues),

– Cytopathology (examination of only cells without tissue sampling),

– Molecular pathological examinations (demonstration of the genetic properties of cells) are carried out.

When necessary for the diagnosis of the disease;





– Additional studies such as in SITU hybridization are used.

In addition, FROZEN (frozen section)examination/ intraoperative diagnosis/consultation is also performed during the operation, in which the urgent need for diagnosis is met by freezing the tissue to direct the operation.IstHealth

Pathology Center