The Department of nutrition and diet is also known as nutrition and Dietetics. At IstHealth Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, individuals are taught the right nutritional steps for a healthy life. Nutrition is the use of nutrients for growth, maintenance of life and protection of Health. In society, nutrition is often seen as a concept to be considered in the event of a disease. But in research, correcting individual diet and health practices reduces preventable diseases, disabilities and premature deaths. Nutritional deficiency and imbalance are a direct cause of some diseases and an indirect cause of others. IstHealth Health Group Nutrition and diet departments provide services on nutrition and diet in comprehensive diseases specific diet programs and nutrition trainings.

Obesity is currently on the agenda as the most important health problem in developed and developing countries. Diseases caused by excess weight and obesity burden countries with loss of life and economic aspects. Obesity is associated with nutrition. A healthy diet protects people from diseases caused by obesity, but also prevents the loss of the workforce in society.

Currently, in the Prevention of many diseases caused by obesity, during treatment and after the disease, the patient’s nutritional status should be determined and monitored with individual-specific, adequate and balanced nutrition programs. In the same way, a serious nutrition program should be applied for problems such as anorexia or inability to gain weight. In addition, nutrition is important in different issues such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney problems. In the Department of nutrition and diet, healthy eating is taught with a personalized diet, taking into account the health, age, eating habits of a person with a multidisciplinary understanding.

Protective Nutrition
Childhood nutrition: did you know that the seeds of many diseases that we encounter in adults are discarded in childhood? How accurate do you give your child nutrition education, How do you set an example for them? Is his nutrition at school being directed correctly? If you have question marks in your head, you can get advice from our nutrition and diet Department about how to give your child nutrition education from early life.

Adolescent nutrition: adolescence is one of the periods when children care most about their physical characteristics. At this age, if they are not directed correctly, they can apply hearsay misinformation for the sake of beauty. However, they are still in the age of growth and development, and improper nutrition systems can cause permanent damage that is irreversible in the future. If you observe such trends in your adolescent child, you can get counseling from our hospital dietitians.

Pregnancy nutrition: planning to conceive? Or did you just find out you were pregnant? During your pregnancy, you can get advice from our department about both ensuring the healthy development of the baby, not gaining too much weight, and nutritional changes that you need to make during your breastfeeding period.

Breastfeeding period: mothers can breastfeed their children in a healthy way and do not gain weight in this process in order to plan the right nutrition.

Therapeutic Nutrition
Heart disease: a medical nutritional therapy that is necessary to keep cholesterol and fat under control without disturbing the balance of intake of other nutrients that you receive with nutrients, at the height of cholesterol or blood fat

Gestational diabetes pregnancy – related diabetes: keep your blood sugar under control, maintain your weight due to diabetes and other diseases that may occur in order to prevent custom-planned medical nutrition therapy

Gout: limited medical nutritional therapy from purine, planned to keep your uric acid level at the ideal level

Urinary tract and kidney stones: the formation of Stones is usually a condition that can recur if the necessary precautions are not taken. In order to prevent this, medical nutrition treatment is planned according to the type of stone you have.

Kidney disease: depending on the level of destruction in your kidneys, according to your biochemical results, medical nutrition treatment planned specifically for you

Eating disorder (malnutrition): improper nutrition in infancy or adulthood or a disease (cancer, AIDS, bowel diseases, etc.) is a condition that can occur depending on. Medical nutritional therapy aimed at creating a balance between the amounts that a person consumes – can consume and their needs

Overweight (obesity)
Obesity, a disease that enters our lives at an increasing rate in the world and in our country, unfortunately puts us in trouble not only physically, but also metabolically, as it invites many chronic diseases. Obesity, a chronic imbalance between energy consumption and energy expenditure from food, depending on body fat mass, lean mass, excessive height and weight are above the level of the ratio of where is a multifactorial disease. Obesity is a disease that must be treated.

Many methods are used to diagnose obesity. Among them, the most practical and frequently used method is the formula we call Body Mass Index (BKI). According to this formula, to get an idea of your body weight, it is enough to divide your weight (kg) into the square (m2) of your height in meters and look at which section is entered on the scale below.

BKI weight (kg) / height (m2)


Those under 18.9 kg / m2-weak

Those between 19-24. 9 kg / m2 – NORMAL

Those between 25-29. 9 kg / m2-bulk (Light Fat)

Those between 30-34.9 kg/m2 – fat (obese) (health risk !)

35-over-overweight ( very risky in terms of Health)

Treatment of weight gain and eating disorders
In addition to gaining weight with an eating disorder and imbalance, it is observed in problems such as inability to gain weight. Nutritional problems such as anorexia and bulimia are also effectively fought with healthy eating programs and support treatments.

Nutrition and Diet