IstHealth liver transplant centers; with its world-famous academic staff and specialist physicians, medical personnel specializing in patient care after organ transplantation, offer services in international standards. Liver transplants for children and adults are performed successfully in centers where the best results in the world are obtained in all live and cadaver transplants. The departments where Organ transplantation is handled not only by the surgical process, but also by the joint work and quality of the laboratory, imaging units, operating room, intensive care, inpatient floors are also a reference center in the world. Due to the inability of organ donation to reach a sufficient level in Turkey, the rate of live transplantation increases to 80%. This has enabled Turkey to take the first place among the countries in the world that can transplant from living beings. IstHealth Liver Transplant Centers therefore also serve as an international training center. Every year, surgeons from important hospitals in the world, especially in the United States, and leading universities in Turkey, participate in educational programs organized at IstHealth liver transplant centers to learn about organ transplantation.

In addition to special surgical techniques, bloodless liver transplants are successfully practiced in IstHealth liver transplant centers, which have many firsts in Turkey and have entered the world medical literature with operations performed.

Liver Transplant
Liver transplantation is the only treatment for chronic liver failure. It means replacing the sick liver with a solid liver. Cirrhosis is the most common liver transplant disease in the world. This is followed by a number of congenital diseases and some liver tumors.

How To Find A Healthy Liver For Transplantation?
Organ transplantation requires organs, and the source of organs is people. An organ suitable for transplantation can be obtained from living donors, from people who have lost their lives or from relatives of the patient. If relatives of people who have died in intensive care (brain death) decide to ‘donate organs’, the lives of many patients are saved with these organs.

A liver transplant performed with organs donated in this way is called a” cadaveric liver transplant”. Because the number of Organ donations is not enough, most patients lose their lives while waiting for a new liver. As a solution, it is possible to save the patient’s life by taking part of his liver from another living thing (a relative of the patient) (liver transplant from the living thing). For this purpose, a relative of the patient’s own blood group volunteers for such an operation. A person who is a donor candidate undergoes intensive examination and evaluation. If there is no obstacle to liver delivery; a portion of the liver (right or left) that corresponds to the patient’s weight is taken from the donor and replaced by the patient’s liver.

Important Criteria For Liver Transplantation
For liver transplantation, the blood groups of the patient and donor must first be appropriate. After that, the examinations of the donor candidate are started. This process consists of Social, Psychological and medical evaluations. Medical assessment; blood and urine tests, infectious disease research, radiological examinations and other medical units (cardiology, pulmonology, etc.) can be grouped as receiving opinions. Many factors, such as the amount of liver that the patient needs, the overall health of the donor candidate, whether his liver can be divided appropriately, the structure of the bile ducts, play a role in the operation between the patient and the donor candidate.

Should liver transplants be used for life?
As with all organ transplant patients, liver transplant patients should take medication to suppress the immune system for life. This condition is the main condition of treatment success. If the drug is not taken or there is irregular use, the immune system immediately starts a war against this foreign organ, which may end in the loss of life of the organ.

Life After Liver Transplant
The goal of liver transplantation is to return a person to a normal, active, productive life. It is aimed that both the patient and the donor return to their performance before the operation. Liver transplants performed in our center have reached figures above the success rates accepted in the world.

Liver Transplant Center