Thanks to advancing technology in recent years, the importance of intensive care units has been understood and its role in increasing average life expectancy in society has been understood. The importance of immediate and effective intervention in critical and emergency patients has enabled the development of intensive care units. IstHealth Health Group Intensive Care Units provide vital support to patients at risk of life through multifaceted team work. It provides 24-hour continuous service to its patients thanks to laboratories with advanced technology and imaging centers such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography.

Immediate and effective response to all life-threatening cases, including neonatal intensive care, is provided by our specialist intensive care team. All of our units do not compromise on scientific and ethical approach. 24 hours a day, all laboratory examinations, CT/computed tomography, MRI/magnetic resonance, digital X-ray, ultrasonography, such as all imaging techniques can be applied.

IstHealth Health Group Intensive Care Units, which serve with breathing apparatus in beds, high-tech monitoring systems and ongoing kidney machines that can be used instantly when necessary, are among the rare services that can perform the “plasmapheresis” process at the moment of need.

All patients at risk of life can be delivered to our intensive care units by land, air (ambulance aircraft and helicopter) and sea with our vehicles where advanced vital support is provided 24 hours a day.

Health problems that can intervene instantly in general intensive care units, where all critical patients can be accepted from the first age, are listed as follows:

All trauma (head trauma, chest trauma, severe fractures, whole body trauma, etc.

Brain hemorrhages,


Severe respiratory failure,

Continuous or sudden kidney failure,

Diseases of the nervous system (Myasthenia Gravis, Guillian Barre, etc.)

Serious infections,


Serious injuries,

Severe burns and many other critical illnesses

General Intensive Care