IstHealth IVF [IVF] centers are trying to find solutions with a team of experts on many different issues, from failed IVF cases to older women becoming mothers, from severe male infertility to recurrent miscarriages. Our team, which makes intensive efforts for the success of IVF treatment and conducts important research in this sense, also applies preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods in families at risk of genetic diseases.

Our IVF centers are able to identify many genetically transitive diseases such as thalassemia, muscle diseases, hemophilia in embryos and thus help healthy children come into the world Nov. With all these achievements in the field of In Vitro Fertilization centers and the wide range of treatments it offers, in vitro fertilization has taken an important place in Europe and the world as well as in Turkey.

What Is IVF?
In vitro fertilization method is usually a preferred method as a result of the lack of pregnancy status despite unprotected Association for more than 1 year. Especially in recent years, IVF treatment also brings successful results with the selection of fully equipped IVF centers instead of IVF clinics. Couples diagnosed with infertility are first examined in a fully equipped IVF Center, and then treated with IVF with the results of laboratory tests and imaging examinations. In vitro fertilization treatment is done after vaccination, sometimes it may be preferred directly. For this reason, the choice of an IVF center that can perform personalized treatment in IVF treatment is extremely important.

Choosing An IVF Center
One of the most important factors in the success of IVF treatment is the selection of IVF centers that stand out with academic specialist doctor staff instead of IVF clinics that can provide limited services. IstHealth  IVF Center, which has pioneered the application of all new methods in the field of IVF, serves with high experience and world-class technology. Individuals who want to have children should definitely choose centers with world-class equipment with technical infrastructure and advanced diagnostic treatment methods when choosing an IVF Center. IstHealth  IVF centers, which offer personalized treatment options, use advanced techniques in the treatment of infertility by examining in detail the factors that prevent women and men from having children. It should also be taken into account that the in vitro fertilization center is a reference center in many countries of the world when taking all the Baby Center advice. IstHealth IVF Center has the title of being a reference center in many countries of the world with its ethical and quality standards.

IstHealth  in vitro fertilization and Genetics Center, which was awarded the international Grant for Fertility Innovation Research Award in Germany, was also named “International IVF center of the year” at the Medical Travel Journal Awards held in London on April 16, 2015. Detailed information about IstHealth Şişli Hospital in vitro fertilization and Genetics Center can be found here.

Another of the best IVF centers in Istanbul is IstHealth  Hospital IVF Center. The center increases its success year by year in many issues, from failed IVF cases to positive results for older mothers, from hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovaries to male infertility. Detailed information about IstHealth Hospital in vitro fertilization [IVF] Center can be found here.

When in vitro fertilization is mentioned in Ankara, IstHealth  Hospital-in vitro fertilization [IVF] Center comes to mind first. Equipment with high technical, clinical IVF, Embryology, Andrology, R&D laboratories and genetic diagnosis center, Ankara IstHealth Hospital – vitro [IVF] Center, “reproductive health and infertility treatment centre” concept offers. Detailed information can be found here.

IstHealth Tigris Hospital in vitro fertilization center, located in Southeast Anatolia region, is designed for all treatments in the field of assisted reproductive techniques. In Diyarbakir, the center stands out with its advanced laboratory, modern operating room, Andrology, Embryology, embryo freezing laboratory, ready for IVF treatment. Detailed information about IstHealth Tigris Hospital in vitro fertilization center can be found here.

IstHealth Hospital-in vitro fertilization [IVF] Center is a highly equipped center established on an area of 1000 m2 and created with antistatic-antibacterial products. Our center, which has achieved great success in IVF treatment in Antalya, has Andrology, embryology and embryo freezing laboratories, modern operating rooms and patient rooms planned to serve 10 pairs at the same time. Detailed information about our IVF Center at IstHealth hospital can be found here.

IVF Treatment
When you contact our center to see a specialist for IVF treatment, you are given many tests that require physical and emotional sacrifice. Before these tests, you and your partner are investigated for previous examinations and treatments. In this way, an idea of the cause is obtained and the same tests are prevented from being requested again. It is very important for couples to participate in the first examination of IVF treatment together and to evaluate the condition from the point of view of treatment. Tests, which are the first stages of IVF treatment, are carried out and the causes of the problem are investigated. If a woman needs an operation that needs to be performed before IVF treatment, this issue is evaluated. Congenital uterine problems, fibroids, polyps and Sines are treated with hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. One of the most curious issues of couples considering IVF treatment is the price of IVF. In vitro fertilization prices vary depending on the health status of the person and the characteristics of the in vitro fertilization center in which they are treated, just as in treatment.

How About IVF?
First, our specialist doctors decide on the protocol that will be applied individually. In the most important part of the IVF stages, there is an assessment of the age of the woman, egg reserve, operations she has undergone, the presence of endometriosis, hormone levels, and previous treatment protocols.

‘How about IVF?’we can briefly explain the question; IVF treatment begins on the second or third day of menstruation. After gynecological examination, the egg reserve is re-evaluated. For egg development, drugs called Folk hormone (FSH) are administered by calculating the woman’s body mass index (BMI), egg reserve, age and, if any, doses applied in previous treatments. Drugs applied in the form of needles are made around the navel or arm. Needle treatment is successful when at least three of the eggs reach 17 mm. The third stage of IVF treatment is the collection of eggs. The process of collecting eggs matured by a maturation needle is called “oocyte Pick Up” for short OPU. After 15 minutes of this procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, microinjection (ICSI) is performed. If the eggs used in the microinjection process have reached high quality and sufficient maturity, fertilization takes place at an average rate of 80%. After this process, “embryo transfer”, which is the process of placing embryos created in the laboratory in their natural environment, that is, in the uterus, is performed through treatment. During the luteal phase, which is the stage after embryo transfer, drugs are given for the purpose of holding the transferred embryos. The Luteal phase period lasts 12 days. At the end of the process, a pregnancy test is performed and the result is obtained.

In vitro fertilization treatment costs vary according to the treatment protocol determined in the patient specific. Among the main factors affecting IVF prices are the medical facilities offered by IVF centers to couples, the quality of consumables used, the superiority of Applied Technologies, the difference in specialist doctors and qualified employees, as well as the success rates of the Centers. For example, being treated at the best IVF Center in Istanbul or choosing the best IVF doctors, of course, affects both the success and cost of treatment. Although IVF prices vary for patients, the Social Security Agency (SSI) assumes some of the costs of IVF treatment under some conditions.

First practices and live births that we perform in our IstHealth IVF centers
First microinjection application and birth
First tese application and birth
First TESA application and birth
First microdissection tese application and birth
Pregnancy and birth with the first frozen thawed testicular sperm
First assisted hatching result pregnancy and childbirth
Development and birth of the first blastocyst
First PGT application and birth for FISH purposes
First blastocyst freeze-thaw after pregnancy and childbirth
First blastomer biopsy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and birth
First natural cycle ICSI application and birth
First endometrial coculture use and birth
Application and birth of PGD for the first genetic disease
PGT application and birth for first Hla determination
Obtaining the first lines of human embryonic stem cells
Obtaining the first international IVF Quality Control Certificate (ISO-15189)IstHealth 

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