IstHealth Hospital Children’s Health and diseases outpatient clinic is the most colorful part of the hospital with its image resembling a kindergarten, from playgrounds to fish figures, from an aquarium to rocking toys. Children can play games on tables and have fun with swinging toys, watching fish in a specially built aquarium. In addition to various toys, the walls, ceiling and even floors of the Polyclinic are decorated with details and colors that will entertain children. In the Polyclinic, which was implemented in an area of 620 square meters, the comfort of not only the little ones, but also the parents was considered. For this purpose, the waiting room is also divided into two parts for the newborn and others. In this way, diaper changing and breastfeeding can be done in separate places, both children and their parents have a comfortable waiting time. Department of Pediatrics, IstHealth, highly experienced with a team of experts, equipped with advanced technology and specially designed for children, outpatient, inpatient and intensive care service provides all kinds of services in the fields of diagnostic and therapeutic.

In the Department, intrauterine (in the womb) babies who start to be monitored from life are followed by postpartum mental-motor development, nutrition, vaccination and preventive medicine programs. Istanbul IstHealth Hospital meets a great need with its very easily accessible location in terms of traffic and 24-Hour Children’s Emergency Department.

Pediatric Surgery Unit
In the department, all surgical procedures related to children from infancy to adolescence (0-16 years) are performed. Noncardiac thoracic surgery, oncologic surgery, digestive surgery, children’s Endocrine Surgery, Pediatric gynecology, diagnostic and interventional endoscopic applications, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery and Trauma Surgery, Pediatric Surgery matter. In addition, liver, kidney and small intestine transplantation is performed in children in cases of organ failure due to various causes. During these procedures, the use of reliable anesthetic drugs and close monitoring of advanced technology increase the success of IstHealth Department of Child Health and diseases.

Pediatric Endocrinology Unit
In the Pediatric Endocrinology unit, follow-up and treatment of growth disorders and diseases that develop due to excessive or incomplete secretion of hormones in children are carried out. An important reference center in the field of Endocrinology children’s IstHealth Hospital; measurement of growth hormone, thyroid function, puberty, adrenal gland function, sugar metabolism and the evaluation of testicular function, urine intensifier measurement of the effect of the hormone, cortisol excess, growth hormone, effect, tests are performed to determine gender.

Pediatric Cardiology Unit
In the episode, the diagnosis of heart disease in the womb is successfully made, and it is possible to identify congenital heart diseases while the baby is still in the womb.

The heart of newborn babies can be examined by echocardiography method, and the heart health of babies in the womb can be evaluated by “fetal echocardiography” thanks to sound waves of wavelength that cannot be heard by the ear. Our hospital has been using this method since 2001. In the hands of experienced experts, it has been accepted that this method has no side effects. In addition to fetal echocardiography, the following examinations can be performed in children between the ages of 0-16 years:

12 channel surface ECG.
Holter monitoring: 24-hour ambulatory (outpatient without hospitalization) ECG used to detect rhythm disorders
Event Recorder: this device, which records during arrhythmia, is also used to detect rhythm disorders.
Tilt-table test: used to investigate the causes of fainting in children.
2D Doppler and colored Doppler echocardiography: used to examine the structure of the heart, the vessels that feed the heart, the holes in the heart walls. It also serves to evaluate the functions of the heart and heart valves.
Cardiac catheterization (angiography).
Interventional Cardiology: correction of some heart diseases that require surgery with a heart catheter without the need for surgery.
Children’s Mental Health and Diseases Unit
In the child mental health and Diseases Unit, children’s mental behavior and development are evaluated. The department aims to support families in their journey to explore the inner world of their children, enabling them to raise happier individuals.

The study topics consist of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, play therapy, family therapy, drug therapy, educational counseling for schools, mental and mental evaluations of children, and preventive mental health services for the community. Assessment of educational problems and failures that children will experience at school age, detection and treatment of problems caused by attention disorder, hyperactivity, learning difficulties are provided.

Child Neurology Unit
Child neurology unit; our common learning disabilities community, hot wire transfer without fever, epilepsy, attention deficit, developmental retardation, hyperactivity, behavior problems, and nervous Nov disorders, mental retardation (mental retardation) and /or multiple congenital anomalies, and the examination and treatment of the department in these matters serves as a reference center. Cerebral imaging techniques, intelligence tests, video ECG, EMG, novelization, cytogenetic and molecular tests can be performed in our unit.

Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit
Pediatric gastroenterology Unit due to different causes abdominal pain, abdominal pain with meals bound or unbound, prolonged abdominal pain, flatulence, abdominal distention, eating and/or difficulty in swallowing, vomiting, weight gain, or decrease or cessation of growth, anemia, despite the treatment of anemia if it continues, frequent, watery and bloody, making a poop, difficult defecation, poop incontinence, jaundice, enlargement of liver and spleen, is the examination and treatment of stomach bleeding.

All kinds of classical and modern diagnostic methods are applied in our unit and endoscopic methods such as gastroscopy, esophagoscopy, rectoscopy and colonoscopy are also applied when necessary.

Child Nephrology Unit
In our unit, examination and treatment of urinary tract and kidney diseases of infants and children are carried out. Congenital or post-emerging infections, bleeding, cysts, tumors, kidney failure, hypertension, FMF (familial Mediterranean fever), and kidney and urinary tract stones in the area of responsibility of this unit are involved.

Allergy Unit
IstHealth Hospital Allergy Unit; in childhood asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic sinusitis, urticaria (hives), food and drug allergies, allergic diseases, such as examination, diagnosis and treatment are carried out. Allergic skin tests, respiratory function tests, intra-skin (intradermal) and sublingual (sublingual) immunotherapy (vaccination) are performed by specialist doctors.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit
IstHealth Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides the necessary support to all babies in need of intensive care. In the light of current information, with its modern medical equipment, it returns babies to their families in a short time and provides the necessary resources in informing and educating families.

In the unit; from the 24th week of pregnancy, premature birth, multiple pregnancy, diabetic mothers baby, a big baby, meconium in the womb (its own faeces) baby swallowed, brain and other organ damage as a result of a difficult birth as high-risk babies, provide care at an advanced level. Offering all necessary medical and surgical services to patients small, newborn intensive care unit, hospital, newborn babies who need intensive care in Turkey and in neighboring countries as well as provides health services to all. For this purpose, services are provided in cooperation with air and land ambulance systems.

Children’s Services
Our children’s service is prepared for child patients who need to be hospitalized and monitored and treated, Block C 8. it serves the floor. The children’s Service, which is prepared with great care, is in the same block as the children’s outpatient clinic and the Newborn Intensive Care Service. The service has 10 patient rooms, one of which is a suite room. The service corridor has a nurse’s desk and a medicine preparation room. In addition, there are games and training rooms prepared for your children to easily adapt to the hospital and spend their time joyously.

Educational Programs
In our hospital, educational programs are regularly conducted to help parents solve the problems they face when raising their children. Course programs are expanded every year by organizing surveys and giving priority to the topics that parents want to listen to the most. You can call 444 7 888 for new term courses of Parents ‘ School, which are organized for children and adolescents aged 0-18 years to maintain their mentally and physically healthy development and increase their school and social success.

Child Health and Diseases (Pediatrics)