IstHealth Health Group hospitals Chest Diseases Department provides services with its expert physician staff and modern technological equipment for health problems related to respiratory system. By any disease involving the respiratory system, impairing lung function, wheezing, snoring, coughing, phlegm, coughing up blood from the mouth, chest and flank pain, back and shoulder pain, weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats, and can lead to complaints such as fever. In the Department, research, treatment and monitoring related to lung diseases are carried out, and for this purpose, many opportunities provided by medical technology are also used.

Diseases that fall within the field of pulmonology department are listed as follows:

Diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of allergic lung diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of obstructive lung diseases (asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis)

Chronic coughs

Pneumonia (Pneumonia)

Pleurisy (accumulation of fluid in the lung membrane)

Sarcoidosis (a systemic disease that can hold all tissues and organs and the cause of which is not exactly known)

Pnomothorax (deflation of the lung)

Pulmonary embolism (pulmonary embolism)

Smoking addiction, smoking-related diseases and smoking cessation methods

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory function tests in respiratory physiology laboratory unit

Bronchoscopy unit

Sleep lab

Chest Diseases (Lung Diseases)