A check-up is a detailed assessment of a person’s current health status, taking into account Family risks, lifestyle, eating style and habits, and referring them to the relevant units, if necessary, accompanied by results. After a thorough interview with the patient, laboratory tests, radiological examinations and personalized recommended tests are evaluated. In this way, the risks associated with existing diseases are determined, the correct treatment is planned in the relevant branches and the necessary measures are taken.

Diseases can be diagnosed early with regular check-up programs that are recommended to be performed 1 time a year, and treatment success is greatly increased.

Many people see a doctor and check it out when they have any health complaints or doubt about the disease. However, many diseases can progress without any symptoms or even be noticed when they reach the point where they will not be treated.

✓ If you want to live a long and healthy life and take the right steps for it,

✓ Due to our Modern life, you now devote less time to your health, even if you ignore some negative developments related to your health,

✓ If illness in your family worries you,

You can make a healthy start for yourself and your loved ones by contacting IstHealth Check-up centers!

While IstHealth Check-up centers offer the highest quality health care, almost all Examinations and examinations within the program are carried out in the special department included in the check-up center in order to keep the satisfaction of our guests at the highest level. Designed with personal comfort in mind separate from other units of our hospitals, this section is served with friendly and dynamic staff, and a buffet breakfast is served, as well as changing rooms and shower facilities.

Different screening programs may be required depending on each individual’s age, medical history, family health history and lifestyle. Check-up programs must be selected taking into account the person’s risk status related to diseases.

It is useful to pay attention to the following criteria when choosing your Check-up program;

 € ¢ age and gender

 € ¢ your family and/or close any of your relatives have heart disease, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, lung , prostate , stomach and colon cancer have a hereditary and chronic diseases of the suspicion or existence of any

• Lifestyle and working conditions

Chronic fatigue, dizziness, such as the presence of complaints is important to program selection.

You can also get support from IstHealth Check-up centers when choosing the right program!

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