The department, which has become a reference laboratory, serves various medical institutions as well as its own structure and, more importantly, can offer a number of rare, specialized tests. In the Clinical Biochemistry unit, tests are performed that are accepted into the Departments of hormone, Hematology-coagulation, drug levels, Tumor Markers.

In the hormone department, tests involved in the study of thyroid hormones that play a serious role in the movement of metabolism, measurement of vitamin levels and evaluation of heart diseases are studied, especially in the follow-up of infertility. In the same unit, tumor markers are also measured in the blood, which provide information about the investigation of the entire system in terms of the presence of cancer.

The hematology-coagulation section includes a multi-parameter blood count, a series of tests involved in the detection of bleeding and clotting disorders. We can also measure sensitivity to aspirin and clopidogrel, which can be studied very rarely in the center, but whose clinical value is of great importance. A thromboelastography device is used to determine the need for blood transfusion before and during surgery, thereby minimizing unnecessary blood use.

In the drug levels Section, drugs used for heart disease, drugs taken due to neurological problems, drugs used to suppress organ rejection in patients undergoing organ transplantation, and chemoteropetic drug levels are examined.

Apart from the demands of doctors, as a result of research conducted, collecting information about tests that are accepted in the field of Medicine, important in diagnosis, and sharing this information with doctors is also one of the services provided in the biochemistry laboratory. After the decision is made together with the doctors, these tests are added to the panel of the biochemistry laboratory, which is the greatest effort that the laboratory has made to keep the quality of service up to date.

While IstHealth Hospital provides emergency and routine laboratory services to its patients, the biochemistry laboratory, which meets the requirements of aiming to produce especially reliable results, Works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. All tests are followed daily by Internal quality controls, and samples from centers where we are members abroad are regularly studied and the results are evaluated all over the world and external quality checks are carried out.