Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery serves patients in a very wide area. Unlike many surgical branches, the department acts with the mission of correcting and improving function and appearance at the same time. The main difference between Aesthetic, Plastic and reconstructive surgeries is the varying ratios of function and appearance. As we move from aesthetics to reconstruction, functional corrections come to the fore.

As the name suggests, plastic surgery is the journey of the face and body to a more beautiful one. Although the concept of aesthetics has changed throughout the ages and cultures, the criteria for beauty of the human body have almost always remained the same, and the closer the person is to these criteria, the better he feels. It is at this point that plastic surgery comes into play and accompanies the person in this search. The magic of plastic surgery is that a person can find the most appropriate and beautiful option.

The main plastic surgery operations are listed as follows. If there is a change that is not on the list but you are considering for yourself, do not hesitate to talk to your surgeon about it.

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty)

Facial rejuvenation with fat injection

Hollywood cheek ( Bishectomy))

Scoop ear surgery

John construction

Face and neck lifting

Breast reduction

Breast augmentation

Breast lift

Breast augmentation and lift

Breast construction after cancer surgery

Gynecomastia surgery

Tummy tuck

Arm stretching

Leg stretching

Degreasing (Laser or vaser)

Brazilian butt making (fat injection into Butt)

Body contouring after weight loss

Genital aesthetics

Filling and Botox applications

Plastic and reconstructive surgery (repair surgery) is used to repair parts of the body damaged as a result of congenital and developmental disorders, accidental injuries, infections, tumors and other diseases. Although attention is paid to the appearance that will be achieved here, the main goal is to restore health and function. Common plastic and reconstructive surgery applications include; scars, scars, facial bone fractures, skin cancers, congenital disorders of the genital organs, breast reconstruction, microsurgery, nose, lip, ear, etc. .

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery